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One-third of the world's people do not achieve their physical and intellectual potential because of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Vitamin deficiency, particularly during the early years of life, can result in physical stunting, vulnerability to disease and illness, mental impairments, and even premature death.


Kirk Humanitarian is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to provide micronutrient supplementation to at-risk women and children living in the hardest-to-reach areas of the world. Since 2005, Kirk Humanitarian has distributed over 870,000,000 doses of multivitamins and minerals.


Join us in our quest to provide health and vitality to children and pregnant mothers in deprived countries. We eagerly invite your partnership.

"The dissemination of micronutrients is a cornerstone strategy to conquering the woes of acute malnutrition."

The World Health Organization and UNICEF


Over 40% of children in the developing world are considered to be moderately or severely malnourished, and in some African and Asian countries that number jumps above 60%.
Kirk Humanitarian believes the best value for a single dollar invested in these children and expectant mothers, comes in the form of multivitamin supplementation. Remarkably powerful for the tiny levels required, micronutrients support an array of critical biological functions including development of the brain and the nervous system, skeletal development and growth, immune function, and eye function.


While the world focuses primarily on the drama of natural disasters, the number of children that succumb to what has been labeled "the silent emergency of malnutrition" far exceeds those affected by natural emergencies. In May 2008, the Copenhagen Consensus Expert Panel considered 30 options and ranked provision of micronutrients as the world’s best investment for development.

UNICEF estimates that every year acute malnutrition contributes to the deaths of one million to six million children under the age of five. One out of every four children under five – or approximately 146 million children in the developing world – is underweight for his or her age, and at increased risk of an early death. Moreover, inadequate nutrition impairs physical and cognitive development. Impaired development limits a child’s future educational and employment opportunities and further entrenches the poverty cycle.


When whole populations suffer from malnutrition, including a lack of critical vitamins and minerals, nations likewise cannot fulfill their potential. Health-care costs rise, education efforts are thwarted, the workforce is less capable and productive, and economic activity is curtailed. Human capital overall is significantly diminished.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for the survival, growth and development of children. The provision of supplements has a dramatic impact on the health of children aged 6 to 59 months, reducing the risk of mortality by up to 23%, according to UNICEF.


Kirk Humanitarian provides two multivitamin and mineral formulations: Child Health and Growth Vitamins and Pregnancy and Lactation Vitamins, which meet and exceed the pharmaceutical grade formulation standards approved by the FDA and international health organizations.


Kirk Humanitarian works with U.S. manufacturers to produce tablet-form vitamin and mineral supplements. Special micronutrient formulations have been developed in conjunction with nutrition experts and multilateral health organizations.


Currently, Kirk Humanitarian supports micronutrient distribution programs in North Korea, Botswana, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mongolia, Sudan and Vietnam. These countries were selected because of the difficulty – politically, geographically and economically – of access to their citizenry who, regardless of restrictions, deserve every advantage provided to those in other developing nations.


Our goal is to distribute over 150,000,000 additional doses between these countries, and to similarly assist additional underdeveloped nations.


Decreased birth defects
Increased I.Q.
Increased birth weight
Increased height
Increased resistance to diseases


Corporate partnerships, personal contributions and donations of service are all valued and immensely cherished. Please join us in our quest to provide health and vitality to children and pregnant mothers in deprived countries. We eagerly invite your partnership.


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