Direct Relief: Investing in Healthy Futures in Post-Conflict Syria


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For almost a decade, Syria has been devastated by one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our lifetimes. The facts are staggering: in the past nine years of conflict, more than 500,000 Syrians have died and more than 13 million are in desperate need of aid. During war, health care is often deprioritized. What resources remain are frequently directed toward emergency response and neglect the pressing needs of pregnant women. Helping to fill the need for antenatal health care support, Kirk Humanitarian donates multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) to hospitals and primary health care centers in Syria, working in partnership with Direct Relief and the Syrian American Medical Society. These donations have reached more than 100 women so far, ensuring that women have access to the essential nutrients they need during pregnancy. This work is especially critical in war-torn regions like Syria, where vulnerable populations do not have reliable access to hospitals, doctors, or safe food and water. By providing MMS donations, Kirk Humanitarian is investing in Syria’s future and the health and potential of its mothers and children.

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