Vitamin Angels: Pop-up Medical Clinics in Rural Afghanistan


country outline

Thousands of people in rural Afghanistan have been displaced by civil war and lack reliable access to food, water, and shelter.

To reach these vulnerable populations, Kirk Humanitarian partners with and donates a supply of United Nations International Multiple Micronutrient Antenatal Preparation Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (UNIMMAP MMS) to Vitamin Angels. Through its network, Vitamin Angels ensures that Kirk Humanitarian’s MMS, which is produced in partnership with CPC and is Halal-certified as of April 2021, reaches the Universal Necessary Relief Organization (UNRO), an on-the-ground group in Afghanistan.

UNRO establishes pop-up medical clinics in remote communities with the help of volunteer doctors and nurses – some of these communities are only accessible via horse or donkey. By 2021, they had reached more than 12,000 pregnant women in four districts in rural Afghanistan, helping women who would have neither the means nor the ability to access the nutrients they need during pregnancy be better prepared to have healthy pregnancies and babies.

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