MAP International: Hope For A Brighter Future in Haiti


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Madame Gracitha Exilian lives in a small remote mountain village in Haiti. By age 34, she had lost three children. Her first child died at six months old, and she later experienced two miscarriages.

When she learned she was pregnant for a fourth time, her friend encouraged her to visit Love A Child’s birthing center in Fond Parisien, Haiti. There, Madame Gracitha learned that she was anemic and in poor health – she quickly received multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) to take daily during her pregnancy and other antenatal care services. Now, she is far healthier and better prepared to deliver a healthy baby.

Love A Child distributes MMS donated by Kirk Humanitarian, with the flow of supply managed by Kirk Humanitarian’s partner MAP. Love A Child is able to reach more than 200 women a day – Madame Gracitha’s story is an example of the tangible impact these donations have on the lives of these women and babies. As Sherry Burnette, co-founder of Love A Child, put it, “they instill hope that a brighter future is possible for all Haitians.”

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