MMS Learning Center

Advocating for the introduction of MMS requires solid evidence and collective action. The tools in this section will help make the case that improving women's nutrition is critically important and cost-effective.

Tools for Planning and Advocacy

Would you like to help raise awareness and advocate for MMS? Are you looking for data to help build the case for transitioning from IFA to MMS? Here are some helpful tools to get started.

UNIMMAP MMS for National Health Systems: Considerations for Developing a Supply Strategy

This resource paper provides guidance for global stakeholders to build a strategy to ensure the global, regional, and national supply of UNIMMAP MMS will meet the growing demand.

LIVES Saved Tool

Calculate lives saved as a result of transitioning from IFA to MMS. Use the Lives Saved tool developed by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to estimate the impact on maternal, newborn, and child health.

MMS Cost-Benefit Tool

Evaluate the relative value of MMS compared to IFA. Use Nutritional International’s MMS Cost-Benefit Tool to calculate cost efficiencies and human capital gains.

MMS FAQ & Advocacy Brief

Advocate for the inclusion of MMS into national EMLs. This FAQ and Advocacy Brief identifies steps to add MMS to the Essential Medicines Lists to support wider implementation.

MMS Infographic

Evaluate MMS packaging options, costs, and environmental impact. Learn more about the current financial and environmental implications and availability of MMS.

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