Vitamin Angels: Reaching Thousands of Women in The Rural Philippines


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  27-year-old Algae has big dreams for her newborn daughter. “I hope my daughter becomes president of the Philippines!” she declared enthusiastically.

She is determined to take every measure she can to ensure that nothing will hold her daughter back, which critically included seeking out antenatal services during her pregnancy.

Algae received care, educational materials, and additional services – including multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) donated by Kirk Humanitarian – from Roots of Health, an organization operating in rural communities in the Philippines. Roots of Health receives this MMS donation from Vitamin Angels, an organization Kirk Humanitarian partners closely with to ensure MMS reach in-need communities around the world.

Algae is among 600 women in the Palawan province in the Philippines who have received Kirk Humanitarian’s MMS. Roots of Health plan to reach 1,600 annually as their efforts continue and scale.

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