Every Woman Deserves a Healthy Pregnancy and Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start – No Matter Where They Live.

At Kirk Humanitarian, we are dedicated to improving global health through a focus on women’s nutrition during pregnancy. Because when a woman receives the nutrients she needs during pregnancy, her health is better safeguarded, and her child is more likely to have the best start in life. 

The Global Need

Around the world, many women are unable to get the nutrition they need during pregnancy from their diets alone. So we help the highestquality prenatal vitamins and minerals – multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS) – reach women who would otherwise not have access and we support NGOs and governments as they launch MMS programs. 

What We Do

Guided by evidence and a dedication to equity, we work to bring MMS to women around the globe and improve uptake. We donate MMS to NGOs and governments; help create a strong, growing market for MMS; and drive implementation research and advocacy for MMS.    

Our Reach

Billion Doses


Since 2002, we have manufactured and donated over 2 billion MMS doses in 80 countries. And our reach is growing. In 2018 alone, we reached 3 million women. In 2019, we reached 3.6 million. And by 2020, we will have reached 5.5 million. Our investments pave the course for women around the world to have access to MMS for decades to come.

It is an injustice that all women don’t have access to multiple micronutrient supplements (MMS). It’s time for every woman to be able to access MMS – not just those living in high-income countries.

Spencer Kirk, Founder and Managing Director, Kirk Humanitarian  

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