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    UNIMMAP MMS Product Packaging Options, Cost, and Environmental Impact

    Kirk HumanitarianSeptember 2023

    Infographic presenting the financial and environmental implications and availability of MMS depending on common packaging options. 

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    Sight and Life Special Report: Second Edition

    Sight and LifeMay 2023

    Download the full Sight and Life MMS Special Report: Second Edition. It highlights country case studies of MMS adoption,…

  • ImplementationPolicyProduct SpecificationsResearch

    Summary of Sight and Life Special Report: Second Edition

    Sight and LifeMay 2023

    Read the 2-page summary of Sight and Life’s MMS Special Report: Second Edition.

  • Manufacturing/Supply Chain

    Dexa Medica

    Dexa Medica (member of Dexa Group) is a leading Indonesian pharmaceutical company that has end-to-end expertise in pharmaceutical discovery, formulation, manufacturing, and marketing across Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific regions.
  • Manufacturers

    Kirk Humanitarian announces new manufacturing agreement with Dexa Medica Pharmaceutical

    March 2023

    Partnership will bring high-impact prenatal vitamins and minerals to women in need across Southeast AsiaU.S.-based family foundation Kirk Humanitarian…

  • Advocacy

    Junaid Family Foundation

    The Junaid Family Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit dedicated to empowering vulnerable populations, especially women, adolescents, and children to reach new levels of economic and social growth and stability to transform generational poverty and sow the seeds of future prosperity.
  • Research

    UNIMMAP MMS for National Health Systems: Considerations for Developing a Supply Strategy

    Kirk HumanitarianNovember 2022

    This resource paper provides guidance for global stakeholders to build a strategy to ensure the global, regional, and national…

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    The Kirk Humanitarian Newsletter
    At Kirk Humanitarian, we work to reduce global inequities by improving maternal and infant health. We do this by focusi…

  • Implementation/Distribution


    CMMB is a global health organization which works to deliver locally sustainable, quality health solutions to women, children, and their communities in Haiti, Kenya, South Sudan, Zambia and Peru; as well as to provide medical donations to increase access to vital healthcare in low resource settings worldwide.

  • MMS Considerations

    Six Considerations for MMS
    Prioritizing the six considerations below when developing and distributing UNIMMAP MMS helps ensure women can experience imp…

  • EfficacyProduct SpecificationsResearch

    Multiple Micronutrient Supplements Versus Iron-Folic Acid Supplements: Two Iron Dose Studies

    Annals of the New York Academy of SciencesMay 2022

    Two studies confirm that providing MMS with 30 mg of iron during pregnancy is comparable to IFA with 60…

  • MMS Learning Center

    Tools for Planning and Advocacy
    Would you like to help raise awareness and advocate for MMS? Are you looking for data to help build the case for trans…

  • Policy

    World Health Organization (WHO) Essential Medicines List

    November 2021

    The World Health Organization 2021 List of Essential Medicines, which catalogues the medicines WHO considers a minimum requirement for…

  • Technical/Academic/Research

    Ataqua Regulatory Services

    Ataqua Regulatory Services provides regulatory and scientific advice and services to help clients manufacture quality healthcare products for consumers and comply with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Manufacturing/Supply Chain

    Asosiasi Pengusaha Suplemen Kesehatan Indonesia

    The Dietary Supplement Manufacturers Association of Indonesia provides guidance to manufacturers based in Indonesia and serves as an intermediary between the government and industry to address issues of common interest pertaining to dietary supplements.
  • Implementation/Distribution


    Americares is a health-focused relief and development organization that saves lives and improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster.
  • Advocacy

    The Power of Nutrition

    The Power of Nutrition is an independent charitable foundation, which was established in 2015 to catalyze greater investment in nutrition programs and transform children’s futures.
  • Advocacy

    Nourish the Future

    Nourish the Future is a proposal for a five-year, U.S.-led effort to link and strengthen global health and food systems as the main vehicles for combating malnutrition.
  • Advocacy

    Micronutrient Forum

    The Micronutrient Forum serves as a global catalyst and convener for sharing expertise, insights, and experience relevant to micronutrients in all aspects of health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Advocacy

    Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium

    Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Consortium’s mission is to improve maternal nutrition through collective action by Consortium members to accelerate availability and effective use of MMS in low- and middle-income countries.