Our Global Impact

For almost twenty years, Kirk Humanitarian has been leading the effort to improve the lives of women and children in low- and middle-income countries with donations of MMS. These stories illustrate our continued impact on maternal nutrition, health, and well-being.

The impact of access to high-quality MMS

For women and their families worldwide, access to United Nations International Multiple Micronutrient Antenatal Preparation Multiple Micronutrient Supplements (UNIMMAP MMS) free-of-cost can be life-changing. UNIMMAP MMS, which contain 15 essential micronutrients that help ensure maternal and newborn health, are not always available in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) or war-torn regions. In these contexts, pregnant women often only have access to iron-folic acid (IFA), a supplement containing only 2 micronutrients.

In partnership with governments and NGOs, Kirk Humanitarian has been working to change that by leading the effort to deliver UNIMMAP MMS and help countries transition to national UNIMMAP MMS programs. The stories below illustrate the impact this work has made across the world, from South America to Africa to Asia, representing a selection of the efforts we support. We will continue to share stories of impact that reflect the voices of the women and families who directly benefit from this important work, the experiences with national governments, and the progress made toward implementing and scaling UNIMMAP MMS around the world.

Our Impact by the Numbers

Countries Reached Between 2002 and 2022

Distribution Partners Operating in 2022

million bottles of donated MMS to support pregnancies between 2017 - 2022

Impact Stories

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